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Anchored in Switzerland and internationally active, WALO is managed as a family business in the 4th and 5th generation. For over 100 years, WALO has focused on the combination of consistency and innovation.


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WALO is active as an innovative total solutions company in all markets of the construction industry. The family-owned company has established itself as a reliable partner in the construction industry and infrastructure projects in Switzerland and worldwide with its decades of experience and the permanent development of sustainable as well as economical solutions.



We have successfully implemented many challenging projects. Therefore, we proudly let our references speak for our work.



Whether residential, industrial, healthcare, outdoor or for sports and leisure facilities - seamless floor coverings have to meet a wide variety of requirements on a permanent basis.



Good buildings and thus satisfied customers require precise construction work. All our employees, from unskilled workers to engineers, play a key role in ensuring that we achieve this goal time and time again.


Asphalt Hydraulic Engineering

Construction Work for Generations.

Asphalt Hydraulic Engineering

WALO has played a pioneering role in the field of bituminous asphalt seals for over 80 years with its various services in Switzerland and worldwide. Apart from sealing reservoirs, canals, landfills and dams, various repairs are also part of our specialist department’s range of services.



WALO offers the bituminous sealing of newly built canals as well as repairs to existing canals.

In newly built canals, the asphalt liner is applied directly after the earthworks. With repairs, the old asphalt liner is initially removed with a milling machine and then asphalted or asphalted directly on the existing subsurface (e.g. concrete) depending on the type of seal in place. With the help of the canal paver designed by WALO, horizontal application is even possible in curves along the entire length of the canal embankment. Slopes of up to 1:1.25 on the canal embankment are possible here. As seen in reservoirs, waterproof connections to the inlet structures etc. are also realised by special joint constructions with expansion elements.

Core Walls for Dams

For over 60 years, dams have been made impermeable to water with asphalt core walls. There are more than 200 core walls of this kind worldwide in dams up to 150 metres in height.

An asphalt liner wall is built inside the dam at the same time as the support body is filled. Using core pavers specially developed by WALO, the seal is installed step by step in layers up to 250 mm thick as the construction of the dam progresses. Bituminous core walls are particularly recommended in regions that are vulnerable to earthquakes since the viscoelastic and ductile properties of the asphalt liner mean that it can compensate for these settlements without becoming damaged or permeable.

Core Walls for Dams

Mastic Asphalt Seals


In bituminous seal construction, the mastic asphalt seal acts as a thin protective layer or wearing course.

It protects the seal below against UV radiation, amongst other things, thus making an important contribution to extending its service life. The mastic asphalt seal retains its protective function if replaced regularly as required. WALO evens out irregularities in the old layer during the repair of mastic asphalt seals and applies a new seal following thorough cleaning of the surfaces. As with complete repairs using milling machines, mastic asphalt can also be repaired if there is water below the surfaces to be repaired. Suitable barriers prevent the materials or any pollutants from entering the water.

Surface Seals for Dams


Dams can be made impermeable to water by both a sealing layer on the inside of the dam wall (core wall) as well as an external sealing layer on the dam embankment.

 In the latter case, the asphalt liner is applied to the embankment facing the water of the finished dam in strips between 2.5 and 6 metres wide. Embankments up to 200 metres long and with a maximum slope of up to 1:1.5 are possible here The high resistance of the asphalt to mechanical influences (e.g. ice drift) means that no additional measures are needed to protect the sealing layer. The asphalt liner is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it also ideal for dams containing drinking water.

Surface Seals for Reservoirs

WALO_Oberflächendichtung für Becken_Hornberg

Since the layer is relatively thin yet at the same time extremely flexible in terms of absorbing settlements and deformations, asphalt is the ideal solution for sealing all kinds of reservoirs.

The bottom and embankments of small ponds, snow storage basins, right through to large pump reservoirs – all of which often have flowing geometries – can be mechanically lined with asphalt reliably and quickly by WALO. Stresses caused by large temperature and load changes are absorbed and relieved by the asphalt liner. Waterproof connections to the inlet structures etc. are realised by special joint constructions with expansion elements.

Rehabilitation - Hydraulic Asphalt Engineering

We can renew surface seals in need of repair on both a small and large scale.

The old asphalt liner is removed using milling machines that can also operate on embankments with slopes up to 1:1.5 thanks to special winch cars. The new asphalt liner is installed following the subsequent cleaning and preparation of the surfaces. The repair work can also be carried out above water, i.e. when there is water below the surfaces to be repaired. Suitable barriers prevent the materials or any pollutants from entering the water.

WALO_Sanierung Asphaltwasserbau2
WALO_Sanierung Asphaltwasserbau3

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