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Anchored in Switzerland and internationally active, WALO is managed as a family business in the 4th and 5th generation. For over 100 years, WALO has focused on the combination of consistency and innovation.


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WALO is active as an innovative total solutions company in all markets of the construction industry. The family-owned company has established itself as a reliable partner in the construction industry and infrastructure projects in Switzerland and worldwide with its decades of experience and the permanent development of sustainable as well as economical solutions.



We have successfully implemented many challenging projects. Therefore, we proudly let our references speak for our work.



Whether residential, industrial, healthcare, outdoor or for sports and leisure facilities - seamless floor coverings have to meet a wide variety of requirements on a permanent basis.



Good buildings and thus satisfied customers require precise construction work. All our employees, from unskilled workers to engineers, play a key role in ensuring that we achieve this goal time and time again.


More quality of life and living for Schwamendingen

One of the busiest roads in Switzerland runs right through the middle of Schwamendingen, Zurich. Every day, more than 120,000 vehicles on the motorway pollute the residential area. The Schwamendingen enclosure minimises the nuisance caused by the motorway: specifically noise and exhaust fumes.

Project description

The Schwamendingen enclosure sustainably improves the current situation and helps Schwamendingen to achieve a new quality of life. It encloses the motorway between the Zurich East junction and the Schöneichtunnel. Over a length of 940 metres, it encloses the motorway on this section with a tunnel constructed using the cut-and-cover method.

The enclosure connects directly to the existing Schöneichtunnel in the direction of the city centre. It extends this tunnel to a total of 1.7 kilometres. The existing Schöneicht tunnel will be upgraded in terms of ventilation and safety technology and brought up to the latest standards. In this context, the Schöneichtunnel will be completely overhauled. (Concrete repair, fire protection slabs, new drainage system and replacement of the surface.


Special features

A unique elevated park is being created on the tunnel roof of the enclosure. On the roof of the enclosure, a continuous green and open space for the neighbourhood population is being created in the form of the overland park. Along both sides of the enclosure, a public path will be laid out to facilitate access to the park on foot and by bicycle. Ramps, stairs and lifts will extend from them, allowing access to the open space on top of the enclosure.



The realisation of the enclosure posed special challenges for all those involved (client, planners, site managers and contractors). In particular, the tight space conditions in the middle of the residential neighbourhood make the construction work highly demanding.

The building ground turned out to be very sensitive to settlement. Therefore, piles have to be drilled deep into the subsoil to support the weight of the enclosure. Special cross beams have to be built above the tram tunnel and the tram station to transfer the load of the enclosure. The precast concrete girders offer the perfect solution. The 135-metre long open gap in the Schöneichtunnel was covered in nine nights. After Easter 2023, the roofing of the 445-metre-long motorway section now began.


Walo Bertschinger AG
Giessenstrasse 5
8953 Dietikon 1

Schwamendingen, Zürich

Road Construction & Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Building time
September 2018 - May 2024
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