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Anchored in Switzerland and internationally active, WALO is managed as a family business in the 4th and 5th generation. For over 100 years, WALO has focused on the combination of consistency and innovation.


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WALO is active as an innovative total solutions company in all markets of the construction industry. The family-owned company has established itself as a reliable partner in the construction industry and infrastructure projects in Switzerland and worldwide with its decades of experience and the permanent development of sustainable as well as economical solutions.



We have successfully implemented many challenging projects. Therefore, we proudly let our references speak for our work.



Whether residential, industrial, healthcare, outdoor or for sports and leisure facilities - seamless floor coverings have to meet a wide variety of requirements on a permanent basis.



Good buildings and thus satisfied customers require precise construction work. All our employees, from unskilled workers to engineers, play a key role in ensuring that we achieve this goal time and time again.


Neuwiesen Shopping Center - Winterthur

The team from WALO Bodenbeläge was able to demonstrate its highly specialized technical know-how and logistical skills during the renovation of the Neuwiesen shopping center building in Winterthur, which was built in 1982.

Project description

The renovation of the Neuwiesen shopping center building in Winterthur, built in 1982, will last until autumn 2019. However, the newly constructed upper floor was already completed in August 2018, so that the new MIGROS supermarket, Do it + Garden, the restaurant and other stores, could already start operations in the new ambience.

While in the areas of the restaurant, the Do it + Garden store or the bakery and confectionery, the hard-wearing HAYPANOL® D synthetic resin flooring proves its versatility, in the mall and in the MIGROS Top supermarket, the aesthetic SURFATEX® terrazzo in two different color and stone compositions is effective.


Special features

Due to the high demands placed on the floor surfaces of the heavily frequented shopping center, a pressure distribution slab made of steel fiber-reinforced DURATEX® hard concrete had to be partially installed under the visible floor coverings.

The WALO team was able to demonstrate its highly specialized technical know-how and logistical skills in this project, because the demands were many and varied: High precision was required in the installation work due to the thin layer of floating floor coverings, as well as adaptability due to the central location of the shopping center, which made the logistics a challenge.



Reference flyer EKZ-Neuwiesen


Walo Bertschinger AG
Giessenstrasse 5
8953 Dietikon 1


Walls & Flooring

Building sum
CHF 2.9 Mio.
MIGROS Cooperative Eastern Switzerland
Construction management
Cooperative MIGROS Eastern Switzerland
Construction Management
Floor coverings
SURFATEX® - terrazzo 6'700 m2
DURATEX® - hard concrete 3'650 m2
HAYPANOL® - synthetic resin flooring 1'350 m2
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