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Anchored in Switzerland and internationally active, WALO is managed as a family business in the 4th and 5th generation. For over 100 years, WALO has focused on the combination of consistency and innovation.


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WALO is active as an innovative total solutions company in all markets of the construction industry. The family-owned company has established itself as a reliable partner in the construction industry and infrastructure projects in Switzerland and worldwide with its decades of experience and the permanent development of sustainable as well as economical solutions.



We have successfully implemented many challenging projects. Therefore, we proudly let our references speak for our work.



Whether residential, industrial, healthcare, outdoor or for sports and leisure facilities - seamless floor coverings have to meet a wide variety of requirements on a permanent basis.



Good buildings and thus satisfied customers require precise construction work. All our employees, from unskilled workers to engineers, play a key role in ensuring that we achieve this goal time and time again.


Two new stations for the funicular railroad Cossonay - Penthalaz

Commissioned in 1897, the funicular railroad in the canton of Vaud connects Cossonay with Penthalaz over a length of 1230 meters. At the beginning of August 2020, the Walo team started the construction work, which includes the demolition and reconstruction of the two station buildings and the track work.

Project description

The funicular had already undergone several other renovations until finally the owner carried out a total renovation in two phases. In the first phase, the infrastructure of the line was renewed in 2014. For the second phase, the company Walo Bertschinger SA Romandie was commissioned to carry out the renovation of the buildings of the two stations. The period of closure of the funicular railroad from August 3, 2020 to August 17, 2021 determined the duration of the works. From April to the end of July 2021, we carried out not only the interior work of the two stations, but also the exterior works and the reprofiling of the tracks due to the lowering of one of the two stations.

Special features

Walo also faced a number of challenges on this project. One special feature was the consideration of the slope of the floor slabs in the basement to accommodate the future cabins of the funicular railroad. Due to this special feature, all formwork feet of the walls of the basement had to be adjusted. In addition, one of the most sensitive points was the complexity of the exposed concrete construction work during the winter period.

In order to meet our commitments to the client, it was necessary to construct the two new buildings in parallel. This required us to double our manpower and machinery needs.

A big thank you to all employees who contributed to this successful project! 

Walo Bertschinger AG
Giessenstrasse 5
8953 Dietikon 1

Cossonay / Penthalaz, VD

Road Construction & Civil Engineering

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Building Construction

Building time
August 2020 - August 2021
Transports de la région Morges Bière Cossonay SA, Morges
Construction management
Perret-Gentil SA, Yverdon-les-Bains
Civil engineer
Perret-Gentil SA, Yverdon-les-Bains
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