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Anchored in Switzerland and internationally active, WALO is managed as a family business in the 4th and 5th generation. For over 100 years, WALO has focused on the combination of consistency and innovation.


What we do

WALO is active as an innovative total solutions company in all markets of the construction industry. The family-owned company has established itself as a reliable partner in the construction industry and infrastructure projects in Switzerland and worldwide with its decades of experience and the permanent development of sustainable as well as economical solutions.



We have successfully implemented many challenging projects. Therefore, we proudly let our references speak for our work.



Whether residential, industrial, healthcare, outdoor or for sports and leisure facilities - seamless floor coverings have to meet a wide variety of requirements on a permanent basis.



Good buildings and thus satisfied customers require precise construction work. All our employees, from unskilled workers to engineers, play a key role in ensuring that we achieve this goal time and time again.


Road Construction and Civil Engineering

There faster.

Road Construction and Civil Engineering

From the smallest maintenance work to the largest national road and airport projects, WALO is the right partner. Our range of services includes the construction and rehabilitation of pipelines, sewer systems as well as substructure and superstructure work with a wide variety of surface pavements. In addition to various asphalt pavements, we also offer traditional pavements such as paving.

Road Construction

Mobility is a defining feature and basic need of modern society. As our mobility infrastructure has expanded over time, WALO has also evolved as a company over the past 100 years. With the increasing sophistication of mobility solutions, the pressure to minimise costs and adhere to ever stricter deadlines has risen significantly. Over the years, WALO has risen to these challenges and become increasingly effective at mastering them.

Today, WALO’s wide range of services includes the construction and rehabilitation of utility pipes and sewer systems, as well as work on substructures and superstructures with any type of surface. In addition to a wide variety of asphalt surfaces, WALO also offers both traditional surface solutions, such as paving stones and special applications like concrete and mortar surfaces.

From minor maintenance tasks to the biggest motorways and airport projects – WALO is ready to take on almost any challenge it is presented with. Our assuredness derives from our company policy, which is centred around our decades of experience and continuous development of sustainable and operationally efficient solutions. The planning and implementation of technically and logistically demanding projects in conjunction with a commitment to a high level of quality and adherence to deadlines is one of WALO’s many strengths.

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Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is used as the wearing course for roads or airport ´manoeuvring areas that are required to withstand heavy loads. The use of concrete prevents deformation (ruts). WALO has been producing this kind of concrete surface for decades.

The knowledge WALO has acquired is applied by the employees in the group’s Concrete Road Construction department to assist developers and site coordinators in the execution of complex projects. This includes the installation of large concrete surfaces and concrete roundabouts using a slipform paver. This allows the specifications for longitudinal evenness to be adhered to. The slipform paver can also be used to construct elements that have an irregular shape, such as control cabinet foundations, cable channels or guide walls. The use of this technology can substantially reduce the duration of the construction period.

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Paving Stones

More than four thousand years ago, the first transport routes were paved with cobblestones. The use of natural stone as a paving surface has evolved significantly over the last 100 years.

Today, rather than being laid as road surfaces, paving stones are mainly used for creative pavement designs. A wealth of knowledge and experience is required to properly plan and implement a paving project. Since its founding in 1917, WALO has been paving large and small surfaces for public and private sector clients in Switzerland. Steeped in tradition, paving stones are deservedly held in high regard.

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Road Safety Services & Noise Protection

Road safety is important for all road users. The core competences of WALO’s specialist Road Safety department – an important element on all transport mode construction sites – include building new and converting existing control cabinet systems, crash cushions, protective fences, gates and mobile traffic control systems.

With a team of proven specialists, WALO plans and implements the wide range of traffic safety services.

Our experienced specialists plan and engineer the most-suitable noise-protection system for any application. The construction work is not limited to one specific system, which is why we are able to offer a wide range of wall types.


Civil Engineering


WALO Civil Engineering is the division that takes care of new-build and alteration projects in the field of underground engineering, general underground construction and specialist civil engineering.

The division’s strength lies in compact construction using technically-sophisticated construction processes. When it comes to infrastructure works, WALO tackles large-scale projects (e.g. construction works for public transport and motorways) as well as smaller and medium-sized projects in the field of specialist and urban civil engineering.

WALO takes on all types of work – from straightforward house connections to supply lines for water, gas, electricity and telecommunications, and also large-scale projects. This includes: concrete structures, bridges, retaining walls and underpasses, as well as embankment and river installations.


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